We grow many types of fresh herbs on farms located in Oahu Island, Hawaii. Because of the amazing weather, non-polluted air, and enriched soil, our farms produce the best Thai basil, Sweet basil, Curry leaf, Betel leaf, Tumeric yellow, Marlongai leaf, Ngo Gai, Taro leaf, La lope and other tropical herbs all year around, especially in the winter.
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All our products are very fresh and popular with high-end restaurants or supermarkets.
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We currently supply products to our customers in almost all the states in the US. We can ship our fresh products to you by any major airlines directly from Honolulu to your city within three business days after you place an order.
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My name is Tang. I am a sales manager of Hawaii Sweet Basil Inc, ECO Farm, and G&S Farm. I would love to provide the best quality, price, and options to your company. If you are interested in buying any fresh herbs with our farm, please feel free to contact me.
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